Mobile Payments

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Payer SDK

Increase engagement with a mobile payment experience inside your application, or a global white-label wallet solution. By integrating our Payer SDK inside your application, mobile application developers, mobile banking apps, e-wallets, and crypto wallets can leverage the Bleu Payer SDK to add Bluetooth payment functionality to their mobile wallets.

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Merchant SDK

ISV and POS Software partners and providers can leverage the Bleu Merchant SDK to onboard merchants and move into new markets and new geographies without the need for any hardware integrations. Customers can use their contactless cards, apple pay, google pay, or Samsung pay at checkout directly on the mobile device, avoiding contact with a payment terminal or handling cash.

SAM Card

Enterprise merchants, terminal hardware manufacturers, and merchant acquirers can upgrade their existing terminal hardware already deployed in the field by leveraging our SAM card solution. Activate these terminals in a few minutes to deploy contactless services without the need to replace or remove hardware.

Direct Terminal

Enhance the capabilities of your newest terminal hardware models by embedding our BLE application inside your OS. With the shift to software based acceptance, Bleu can provide an enriched terminal experience for mobile payments.

Semi-Integrated Solution

Bleu hardware-less semi-integrated client app has capabilities to transform checkout for merchants and customers. Bleu has built an end-to-end full stack solution for out of the box distribution to ISVs.