Simple & Secure


Accept touchless payments using a phone or a mobile device. Scale your payment services without the need for hardware.

Tap 2 Pay

Secure touchless payment solution powered by Bleu. Enable merchants to accept payments with everyday mobile devices.

Face to face

Transactions can be completed at a distance, safely and securely just using mobile devices.


Use our APIs, iOS and Android SDKs and one integration and connect millions of customers and merchants instantly.


ISVs can integrate our SDK and activate tap 2 pay within their apps. That’s it.


Enable new seamless customer experiences and choice in the way customers want to pay.

Universal Device Support

Powerful cloud-based commerce solutions puts the control back in the merchants hands. Off the shelf hardware and intuitive software that allow management of your business and customer experience.

Pay it with Bleu

COVID-19 has changed the payment experience across many industries in fundamental ways. Whether e-commerce, in-store, mobile ordering, or delivery, organizations need to adopt touchless transaction solutions for the safety of their customers, while still being able to deliver a seamless customer experience.

A simple turnkey


White-label and custom mobile wallet and mobile ordering solutions. Customers can place orders ahead of time and they are delivered straight to the point of sale. Merchants are notified when the customers arrive to pick up their orders on the go.

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In Store


As customers enter a location and pay, activated devices transmit valuable information on visits, micro location data, and device agnostics.

Value added services

By integrating Bleu, our partners get access to value added services such as rapid seller onboarding, installment payments, and other additional checkout functionalities and features.

Payment Data

When a customer pays with Bleu, we are able to release intelligent payment data on menu items, average wait time, price per purchase, customer demographics, and other valuable sales information. Customers create profiles within Bleu that allow merchants to understand and identify customer preferences and customer habits.

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